Chamada de artigos Dossiê Pesquisa biográfica e (auto)biográfica em educação na Europa e América V. 3, n. 9 – Set./Dez., 2018


Call for Papers

Special issue on (Auto)biographical Research in Education in Europe and América – V. 3, N. 9 – Set./Dez. 2018



Things neither communicate nor recount, but this cannot be the case of people, who are historical beings, able to give an autobiography of themselves.

Freire, 1973, p. 110


During the last decades, the field of education has seen an increasing number of scholars working on (auto)biographical approaches including biography, autobiography, autoethnography, life history, narrative inquiry, narrative action research. These scholars’ work has found its expression in a variety of periodical publications and books, both single and collective. Many of these texts have pointed out and addressed an interest in enhancing each other’s knowledge of the academic production beyond each one’s own national borders. Nevertheless, only a few works have embraced the task of mapping the field of (auto)biographical research in specific contexts, national or regional. The availability of national accounts of a field certainly favours and enables not only the study and awareness of one’s own tradition but also to create the opportunity of an international dialogue. Therefore, the task of offering a review of the (auto)biographical topic in different cultures seems to be crucial both for teaching and research, or should at least be pursued and completed.

Taking this into account, the Revista Brasileira de Pesquisa (Auto)Biográfica (RBPAB), ISSN 2525-426X, [Brazilian Journal of (Auto)Biographical Research] has embraced the project of publishing a issue on (Auto)biographical Research in Education in Europe and América.

This special issue of RBPAB is projected as a contribution to improve our mutual knowledge about what the state of art of (auto)biographical research in education in selected countries of Europe and America actually is. Aiming at a preliminary insight in the field, RBPAB invites scholars to submit manuscripts addressing the topic in their own countries. Each manuscript should offer a general review of (Auto)biographical Research in Education in one country. This review of the field could include its intellectual history, the variety of methodological approaches used, theoretical perspectives informing the intellectual production, the main concepts developed in each cultural context, current concerns in which scholars are interested in regarding to social issues, cultural particularities etc.

The manuscripts are to be submitted by May 31st, 2018, in order to be ready for publication during the second half of the year 2018.  The manuscripts should meet the RBPAB guidelines for articles and are designed to 40.000 up to 60.000 characters.


Christine Delory-Momberger (Univesridade de Paris 13)

Peter Alheit (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen)

Daniel Johnson-Mardones (Universidad de Chile, Chile)


The manuscripts are to be submitted: May 31st, 2018

The manuscripts submitted,

Conselho Editorial da RBPAB