“A life with no fixed points”the subaltern deconstructing normative linearities

  • Davi Silva Gonçalves


According to Spivak (2000, p. 21) more thannecessary translation is inevitable,even if it is stillconsidered impossible. When translation takes place,the “I” gets in touch with the “Other” and this “Other”is, as posed by Maggio (2007, p. 424), (re)createdthrough what the author calls a “reductionist postmodernity”.Therefore, this article aims at rethinkingLatinAmerican postmodernity, more specifically inthe Amazonian region, through the problematisationof time and space as defined by the (neo)imperialnarratology. Such problematisation is here effectedthrough Hatoum’s novel The Brothers (2002), translatedby John Gledson, which potentialises this criticismby inserting into the hegemonic centre the voiceof a margin that, for so long, has been silenced by it.

Keywords: Hatoum. Gledson. Translation. Time. Space.


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