Call for Paper Vol 10, nº. 2: Genders and Dissident Sexualities in literature and culture


Revista Pontos de Interrogação: Revista de Crítica Cultural

Revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Crítica Cultural da UNEB

Vol 10, n° 2, jul./dez. 2020

ISSN 2178-8952


Genders and Dissident Sexualities in literature and culture. 



Prof. Dr. Paulo César García (UNEB |PÓS-CRÍTICA)

Prof. Dr. Emerson da Cruz Inácio (USP | FFLCH)

Profa. Dra. Ana Luísa Amaral (UP | ILC)


This volume aims at convening textual productions, grounded on critical, analytical and cultural approach as well as circumscribed in the literary criticism, which reflect upon the status of the emergence of new subjects once invisible, either as characters or as writers. The objective is to pin down insightful questions, which cast light upon a plethora of realms of existences, ranging from engaged demands by the fluid identities and intersectional till utterances that circumscribe unsteady and dissident forms within the queer milieu. This volume also intends bring about critical and aesthetic productions stemmed from on the current South/South-North peripheral phenomenon in order to investigate how new subjectivities narrow down meaningful analysis or find themselves represented by them. Thus based on the aesthetic expression related on body fluidity as well as new identities, we also accept texts that reflect upon forms of resistance in confrontation with canon or deviated hegemonic forms imposed by art in general and by literature in particular.


Important dates:

Deadline to articles submission: August 10 th 2020.

Papers will be selected by an editorial board: August 12th to September 12th.

Selected articles will be sent to author to revisions, editorial board assessment and editors: September 15 th to October 15 th 2020.

Overall revision: October-November 2020.

Publication: November | December 2020


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