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Livers Sanjuana

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It was by mistake that I was in the public office doing an essential job for the people. My father was a politician, and I was the youngest of his three sons. After my father's term as governor, he instructed my eldest brother to run for any post in the government. But my brother, who was stubborn as he is, can afford to defy our father. It was me who couldn't risk anything when it came to our father, so I enlist my candidacy without realizing what I was going to. Our aging father cheered when he found that I won the election. It seemed he has no recollection that it was my older brother he ordered to carry on the legacy he left. As soon as I assumed the position, I can feel the heavy yoke upon my shoulder. Young and inexperienced, I struggled to keep my staff in line with my goals. Then critics were nonstop to discredit me and rid me out of the office. I have to make tough decisions most of the time, so I made my trusted friends as my confidante and advisers. No matter how you ironed your plans well, disruptions would come from nowhere, like how my most able counselor resigned while I was in the middle of the crisis. My enemies published telltale of our indifference when the fact it was the worsening dementia of my former professor caused him to resign. We live in a harsh world where it is easy for people to judge others. And a tiny misstep you do could cause your downfall despite the many good deeds you did. I was trying my best to finish my term, and then there was no way I would aspire for power again. After all, my aging father's dementia could stop him from remembering anything about his legacy in politics.