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Tocco Brooks

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I have been having a busy week at work, and I needed to come up with some financial reports. It is the end of the quarter, and that is always a stressful time. There is a lot to do, and everyone is looking to finalize their work. It is also the time when we have a lot of pressure from the CEO. I work for an accounting firm that has many clients and many different types of businesses. There is a lot of data and reports coming in from all these different businesses, and then it all must get plugged in to our custom database which our IT team manages. In addition to all of this, we have to sit down with the IT team almost every time to try and come up with all the ways we need to get access to the data. We also need them to group the data and come up with timely reports, which they have to create for us. This usually takes a while, and it is not as easy as it may sound. This is an ongoing problem and I dread it every time. One of the IT guys suggested that we should consider using software that we can use to generate our own reports, and maybe even come up with easy to use dashboards. I decided to take it upon myself to look for a solution where we can get such an application; it would be a game-changer. As I was searching up for solutions online, I found many options, but they were too expensive for our budget. I took it to the IT guys, and they said they will still have to code the reports, so it won’t be much different than the current process. Then I came across an ad hoc report builder. This site had a builder that seemed like I could use it to quickly come up and create reports by myself as an end-user. There were some nice screenshots of how the user interface looked like and a demo, and it was straightforward and easy to understand. I showed it to the IT team, and they said it seems it will easily work with the database and they will try it out. I’m very excited to see the results, and hopefully we can finally just do our own reports.

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