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It was on a Saturday morning, and the sun had brightly shone on the fresh palm trees on the beach. We had gone on vacation as summer was here. The moment we left home, I was very sure that we would need something to keep us company while at the hotel rooms. My brothers and I are active gamers, but we could not carry the PC we had at home as it is a bit heavy. My brother had an idea that we carry the CPU and then purchased some VGA/HDMI cable and the gaming pads, and then we would be set. I had gotten an internship with an engineering firm, and I had some savings as we were also being paid well. I told my brother it was time we had fun in style. I asked my brother to do some research online and tell me of some portable PCs that we would get to go with the hotel. My brother came across a site called Aftershock, which had some of the best Gaming PC. There are laptops, workstations, and desktops. Some of the computers we have are the Terra 15, bolt, flow, and workstations such as the focus series.

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