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N35 can be a manufacturer of NdFeB magnets, N is NdFeB; N35 N38 N40 n42 n45 N48 etc, This can be how These are organized! The upper the brand name, the more powerful the magnetic power, and also the costlier it really is!     At this time, most of them are regular N35 versions, and the most magnetic Vitality solution represented by 35 is. The most magnetic Power product of N35 neodymium iron boron materials is about 35MGOe. The conversion of MGOe and kA / m3 is 1MGOe = 8kA / m3. The utmost magnetic Electricity item of N35 neodymium iron boron materials is 270kA / m3.     How powerful may be the magnet n35?     As for this concern, It can be genuinely difficult to reply, because how potent the magnetic power is is determined by the scale of your magnet itself. The bigger the dimensions, the stronger the magnetism.     The amount of Gauss does n35 commonly have?     The subsequent supplies some area magnets for N35 magnets, which include squares and discs, for reference only.     N35 / F30 * twenty * 4mm Surface Magnetic 1640gs     N35 / F112.six * 8 * 2.fifty eight 1000gs     N35 / D4 * 3 Radial Magnetism Surface Magnetic 2090gs     N35 counterbore / D25 * D6 * five floor magnetic 2700gs     N35 / D15 * 4 table magnetic 2568gs     N35 / F10 * ten * three Surface area Magnetic 2570gs NdFeB is definitely the strongest magnetic material, so many shoppers pick out it, utilize it much more, and request additional queries. Just one visitor requested "Why are the magnets N45 and N52 dearer than N35?"    First, from the price of elements. The price of N45 and N52 elements is much increased than that of N35, and that is dozens of dollars and 1 kilogram greater. As the greater the grade, the higher the proportion of cherished metals contained in it. Next, with regards to general performance, the magnetic pressure of N35 can be significantly under that of N45 and N52. They can be mostly diverse in remanence, coercivity and maximum magnetic Vitality item. The magnetic power of N35 belongs towards the tiny magnetic force within the NdFeB manufacturer. The bigger the amount, the much better the magnetic force, and the cost change is also relatively large.    Regarding magnetic pressure, such as, a cylindrical magnet of D10 * ten of N35 can suck up about one kg, and the exact same sizing of N45 can get about one.5 kg. An additional position would be that the manufacturing system is difficult. Such as, the production of N45 is harder than N35, plus the creation of N52 is more challenging than N45. Not just about every magnet manufacturer might make N52 magnets. So N45 is dearer than N35, N38, N40. In exactly the same volume and exactly the same temperature-resistant magnet, the price of N52 are going to be the costliest. But efficiency is additionally the strongest.

N35 Neodymium magnet