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ECB Violations Explained About the ECB and ECB Violations: The Environmental Control Board (ECB), which is now called OATH, is a type of court called an administrative tribunal. It is like a court, but is not part of the state court system. ECB judges hear cases on potential violations of the laws that protect the City’s quality of life. They call these ECB Violations, or ECB’s for short. ECB Quick Facts ECB is separate from the agencies that issue Notices of Violation (or tickets). ECB is the independent administrative court where someone who gets a ticket must come to contest the charges in the ticket. 13 different City agencies write quality-of-life tickets and file them with ECB for hearings. If a judge finds that you have violated a law, the judge may order you to correct the violations and may fine you. All fines are set by law so ECB judges cannot change or waive fine amounts. If a judge rules that you are in violation of a charge, the judge must impose the legal penalty of that charge. At the end of the day ECB Violations can be a very difficult thing to take care of. Violation Removal Inc., legitimately cares about each of its clients ECB’s and can work with you to help in resolving them in a fast and efficient manner. We can do this by evaluating whether or not the ECB’s are substantiated. Too often ECB’s are written in error, or have significant flaws written by the inspector. We have the team in place to do the determine if in fact these violations will have a chance at being dismissed in court. Another thing to note is that once an inspector starts issuing ECB Violations, they usually try come back and inspect again hoping to find more reasons to issue ECB Violations, and if not handled properly, the inspector many times will actually add even more ECB ‘s, making it a never ending cycle. We won’t let that happen. For more information about the services regarding ECB Violations that are offered by Violation Removal Inc., please refer to our ECB Services Page. Thank you.

ECB Violations and what to do about them