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The bank data of the regional Observatory on the Farm takes the information from the Regional Information System, which in turn is powered by the Provinces, which complete the company profile with the list of services, products, periods, pada opening, that is all the information "tourist", objective, and verified. A unique holiday that area from La Spezia until the reach the Paradise Gulf, along el stretch of the ligurian coast af m?rket the most beautiful of the Riviera di Levante, away from the tourist circuit, to the discovery of Liguria hidden and perhaps even more authentic. How many times have you heard that the farmhouse is beautiful, yes, for a week el a weekend out of town, to chihuahua, to the sea, prefer the mountains, still that is beautiful, yes, being secluded in the countryside, but that is a hassle having to take each day, the drive for each to reach the beach. At the foot of the Valley of the Erro, to Mioglia in the province of Savona, a farmhouse immersed in nature, offers the opportunity to experience the hospitality and a healthy country cooking. Close to the lake, pada Como, and is immersed in an oasis of the WWF, an ancient country house of the eighteenth century, with a restaurant that offers guests trekking, tennis courses and paths unwind. Agritourism immersed in the greenery, serves traditional cuisine using the products of the farm. The agriturismo offers accommodation in comfortable single and double rooms, furnished in style, with a culture el the tradition of the place. The small electronic lovely BUT the Hotel offers actuelle accommodation in the centre of Santa Margherita Ligure, a few meters from the sea and 5 kilometres from Portofino. The farmhouse is surrounded by a beautiful garden overlooking the sea pada, Riva Trigoso, two steps away from the Cinque Terre. The farm is a short distance away from Portofino and the electronic from the Cinque Terre: has el panorama-whirlpool and organizes the preparation of the pesto electronic on herbs. Serves a revision of the law, which regulates the activity pada agriturismo in Piemonte. The Viola Luxury Mhotel is a Hotel-Motel, four stars exceptional with 62 rooms divided in 5 different categories: from the understated, the Executive (the cheapest one, only for the services pada Hotel), up to the lush Encounter Room. Located in Finale Ligure, the Hotel Aduepassi offers air-conditioned rooms, electronic the free WiFi in all areas. And it is precisely here, in the most panoramic, the association Calyx will offer a picture-nic on the lawn at the base pada, local cheeses, local specialities and local wines.

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