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Design for Recovery implements a structured 12 Step-based program and service to rebuild the lives of men who are desperate to break free of the chains from their addiction. They have two locations: 11960 Modjeska Place, Los Angeles, CA 90066 and 6467 West 83rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90045. The Design for Recovery phone number is (424) 327-4614 and you can reach them by email at Design for Recovery has five different services, including: one-on-one mentoring, medication management, money management, family services and employment services. For many addicts who are new to seeking recovery, the removal of drugs and alcohol is the first step in a long process to rebuild their broken lives. An addict looks to do nothing but pursue pleasure or avoid pain with their drug of choice. An addict’s life spirals out of control because of their pursuit of drugs or alcohol, that there has been little time for applying to jobs, developing a resume, paying bills, waking up on time and other life events that are essential. Design for Recovery offers a comprehensive program for battle addiction and they have many success stories to prove it. Contact them today!