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Since each student have a special method of retaining and interpreting knowledge. Students should develop a tradition of reading different text types each and every day. Students who present an off-topic analysis aren't very likely to score high marks since it shows that you do not really understand the texts. They don't have to pay tuition fees, tutors can keep their incomes and different organisations can have one more channel to place advertisements. From time to time, the student is quite shy and prefers to get the tutor fill the dead air. Students that are taking IB need to pay an extra fee of around HK$30,000. While students with IB certificates only compose a small quantity of the university admissions, it feels like the medical department has taken in lots of students with IB certificateThis creates inequality because the majority of the timeIB is for students that have a better income background. IGCSE Spanish exams are very challenging, therefore we prepare our students to accomplish the best outcomes. It's also important to remember there are a few portions of the IB syllabus which are not proper for the IA. Our curriculum is adapted for people who need to choose the HKDSE exams later on.

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