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Are you planning to re-paint your home or office complexes with new and stylish shades right before festivals of Christmas and New Year? Or you are planning for any other special occasions like marriage, birthday party or office party or even just in a form of renovation? The painting may not look like a very difficult job but, when you pick up the brush, you can find out how hard it is. It is better to leave it to the hands of the experts. The house painters in Mosman are offering a free of cost estimation for their customers to provide much better services. Many new residential and commercial complexes are being built at a rapid speed which further is increasing their demands. The painting agencies of Mosman areas are coming up with new, exciting and affordable packages for both residential apartments and office complexes. They are attracting customers by giving them free quotations after visiting their premises. The work starts with a thorough look up a layout of the buildings. Then the canvas areas and cost are calculated depending on the customers' choice of shades. If the customer agrees with the cost assessment and time requirement, the professionals start working. At first, all the objects in every room are either stored elsewhere or covered with plastic sheets to prevent them from ruining by dripping wet colours. A hardworking group of professionals, equipped with highly advanced types of machinery to complete every project. In the second phase, they remove the remains of old veneers and spots from the walls by high-pressure washing and chemicals. On the third phase, a primer coating is applied to walls. Latest devices are used to dry the walls quickly or naturally depending on the package. Finally, the coats of fresh colours are applied with brushes or spray painting tools as per requirements. Finally, the walls are quickly dried by using apparatus or naturally as per customers' choice or type of shades used depending on the package. They are also providing other packages too, which includes services of wooden and metallic furniture coating. The house painters in Mosman give free quotes on these objects too. Being a very posh suburb of the New South Wales, the work of renovation, alteration, and modification projects on residential and commercial apartments are always ongoing and the house painters of Mosman are in a huge demand. Painters of Mosman are giving thei