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Why buy property in Cyprus?

Experts in Cyprus Real Estate Powerful Market Intelligence analytics tools for buyers. Our Real Estate Analytics platform, CEI (Cyprus Economic Intelligence), analyze the info and provide helpful graphs and thermal maps. Until tax year 2016, the owner of immovable property located in Cyprus was liable to pay an annual IPT which is calculated on the market value of the property as at 1 January 1980, at the various charges as noted within the table below, which apply per owner and never per property. 1 . But, after all, the property cannot be transferred if there isn't a Title Deed. “Is it protected to purchase property in Cyprus? ” is a question I’m continually being asked and although changes to the legislation in recent times have improved the state of affairs, some buyers are still at risk. We supply invaluable consulting which provides you the edge you want within the Cypriot real property market. Properties from Agents The metropolis also provides beaches, excessive-end shopping and a great vary of property selections. Lots of prestigious developments have been completed alongside its waterfronts and streets in recent times. If you’ve decided to make the leap with a property abroad, Cyprus makes good sense. The particular relationship between Cyprus and Britain following a long time of British rule, makes aspects of the island seem very acquainted.

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