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AJWA DATES » Saudi Dates In the Islamic world, this saying can be adapted to ‘seven dates a day retains even the witchdoctor away.’ This is as a result of, consuming seven Ajwa dates every morning can prevent from being affected by magic. This follow also helps you in detoxifying your body and ridding it from all poisons. AR carried out the laboratory studies, assortment of plant supplies, helped in analysis of data and preparation of manuscript, analysis and interpretation of the info. MA helped in animal experiments, laboratory research, preparation of manuscript and interpretation of the information. BS revising the manuscript and interpretation of information. The use of equal dates dose to rabbits was the daily amount of the human particular person, as cited by Miller et al. [14]. Ajwa dates are helpful for lactating girls as a result of they assist in enriching breast milk. Furthermore, several research have shown that youngsters of mothers who eat Ajwa dates frequently are much less susceptible to illnesses and infections.

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