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Everything You Need to Know About Medjool Dates

How to Eat Medjool Dates Our high quality management system ensures we keep the high quality requirements of the ingredients we market. The date ingredients we market meet the very best quality requirements and are in compliance with international food laws. OMG! I was so ignorant about scrumptious dates that I had thought that after harvesting them, they have been marinated in sugar before selling them commercially. Now I know they are so pure. How are Dates Grown? It is a black date that is candy, with a fruity and recent taste. The dates are typically small in size and have a delicate texture. They are also thought of to be certainly one of nice non secular significance to Muslims, as Prophet Muhammad is quoted as having mentioned, “One who eats seven Ajwa dates in the morning shall be free of magic and poison on that day that he eats them.” Due to this, it is the most exquisite and dear of the date varieties, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Despite its costliness, the Ajwa variety of dates is always in high demand.

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