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Ajwa Dates

Financial support and sponsorship They are additionally thought-about to be considered one of great spiritual significance to Muslims, as Prophet Muhammad is quoted as having stated, “One who eats seven Ajwa dates in the morning shall be freed from magic and poison on that day that he eats them.” Due to this, it's the most beautiful and dear of the date varieties, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Despite its costliness, the Ajwa number of dates is always in excessive demand. Ajwa dates aqueous extract preparation The dates can also be collected and packed in bulk for export. A small volume of their product can be exported to neighbouring Middle East and Asian international locations such as India, and even to other distant components of the world similar to Africa, Europe and the Americas. The dates are harvested at the Tamar stage when they are dry and have little moisture content. They are of high quality at this stage.

Green Diamond Dates