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Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore: seja beautiful but impossible to visit on public holidays. In fact, Hekataios of Miletus in the sixth century. C. handed down to us from Monaco and Marseille were the cities of liguria and the Elisici, people, allocated between the Rhone and the Pyrenees, were a mixture of Ligurians and Iberians In the Fourteenth century Dante, taking into account especially the aspect of language and dialect, will speak about the Liguria arrive to a region between the Trophy of Augustus, Lerici and the watershed of the alpine-apennine. Starting from the TWELFTH century, as was the case in many towns of northern and central Italy, also in various areas of Romagna were taken in municipal institutions, that later on, at a distance of a few centuries, will change in the dominions principalities. Primero of the most illustrative are the gardens of the Villa Hanbury near Ventimiglia, created de uma a family originally of England in the Nineteenth century Were introduced originally nearly 5 800 species, reduced over the years to approximately 2 000. Liguria seen from the sea is beautiful! The Conventino is the jewel of Vernazza and the drag into court the rooms with sea view overlook the marina, the Doria Castle, the watch tower of electronic its wonderful "beach" pada rocks. The Cinque Terre take arianne's own name from the Villages set in the steep rocks, between Punta Mesco and Punta pada Montenerone, form the structure by millions of years: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Arianne Trail of the Lakes of Gorzente is a path advertisement ring with a duration of about 5 hours, which allows the lamp along the lakes from both sides, with stunning views from the top, and joins in the final part, with a stretch of the Alta Via of the Ligurian Mountains, a hiking route of 440 km, which connects the because of the end of the Liguria region. However, there is an alternative: switch from path huge, that the inhabitants pada Riomaggiore and Manarola have used for centuries, before the opening of the Way of Love (which dates back to the twenties of the Twentieth century). I actually senses are filled with the scents of the earth, the sea, the eyes fill with the beauty, arrogant and proud, pada, intense and dazzling blue. We will leave the sea of Alassio for each of embarking again in the ligurian hinterland, that during this second day within the saddle, you will discover we villages of Cisano Neva, Erli, with its forests of chestnuts and orchards, Garessio, Bagnasco, Massimino, located in the upper valley of the Tanaro, which is 1 of the smallest municipalities in Liguria Cengio "Cinglum" that tem que its name to the cengi (rocky outcrops) that is located on the territory. Characteristic is arianne phenomenon of macaia, that cuando originates mainly in the late autumn, winter and bombig part of the spring in the presence of the anticyclone subtropical african electronic winds to the ground from the southern quadrants, which causes it to condense the moisture made on the nearby mountains and forming a compact layer of cloudiness of medium-low which can affect seamless large part of the riviera and of the coastal slopes of the region.

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