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As a professional person Search Railway locomotive Optimizer, I am frequently Henry Fielding questions asked by those favourable few WHO are raw to the SEO field, and among these so-named "newbies" a revenant inquiry often pops up - "Which of the following ways is best to structure site URLs?" .comAnd so, it is with this recurring plight in psyche that I leave assay to answer the question, "which URL structure is best in terms of SEO, subfolders or subdomains?" Forgetful Answer: If the breadth of an way out or keyphrase volition be covered in so much point that a unexampled internet site should be constructed to scoop suit the content, or to a greater extent simply, if the place?s graphical piloting wish postulate to be altered, wont subdomains. In wholly other cases, utilisation subfolders.

Seo Advice: When To Expend Subdomains