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Cia, Coldiretti, Confagricoltura and Copagri ask pada to meet with the president of the regional Council Mega Ruffato, the group leaders, the board and the IV of the agriculture Commission, to review the draft law on the exercise of agritourism activities, in the light of the observations raised by the experts. These were the main themes of the annual meeting of Agriturist Veneto, the regional association of farms of Confagricoltura, hosted by the agriturismo "Tenuta la Pila" of Villabartolomea (Vr), in the presence of representatives electronic operators from all the provinces of the Veneto region. Offers bed and breakfast within charming accommodations, apartments electronic rooms with bathroom. Court farm, just restored, starting point to the discovery of the Po Delta, offers its seasonal products, rooms and swimming pool. In the agriturismo Corte Italia di Sorgà (VR) will stage the company Rumarola” Garda which keeps the show in the dialect of The era meio nar in Rimini” pada Loredan Cont. 1 km from the lake Iseo, in Franciacorta, for each a different stay, at the sign of relaxation, but also sports activity, entertainment, culture and, of course, pada, gastronomy and typical products. In the Veneto region the farms associated with Confagricoltura are 350, of which a hundred or so to Verona. Immerse yourself in the uncontaminated nature of the Parco delle Orobie, give yourself a journey into the past the historic walls of Sabbioneta, enjoy the night-life of milan in the bars of Navigli and let the charm reserved electronic hidden of Lombardy will conquer discovery after discovery. Let live businesses - the president said. Farms, in particular, are the only ones to be subjected to the percentage of controls of the twenty percent on the basis of the provincial annual, despite representing 1% of the regional tourism. Another request concerns the catering: we Ask that in the 50% prescribed by the regulations for the self-production, and is possible also the lamp serve the network's products for farm, because we believe it is useful to encourage exchanges and the connection between farms in the territory.” That's an indictment of all trades that move by the president of the chefs from the veneto, starting from the fiscal aspects: while a restaurant pays taxes on its revenues, declared calculated with the sector studies, the farm applies el the flat-rate scheme.

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