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Jiangsu Zhuhong Forging Co., Ltd. specializes in supplying heavy forgings of special steel grades, and produces forged round steel (¢120~850) and square steel (120~550) of various steel grades. The largest production steel ingot 13T, mainly forged alloy steel, carbon steel and other materials. The annual output of forged round can reach 60,000 tons. The products are widely used and can be supplied to users in metallurgy, chemical, hydraulic, port and marine machinery. Zhuhong people continue to carry out technological innovation and complete forging facilities. At present, the company owns VD steelmaking furnace, forging equipment, and provides follow-up services such as roughing, finishing and heat treatment. The manufacturing workshop has excellent production equipment such as: 1600 tons of fast forging hydraulic unit, 5 tons / 8 tons of electro-hydraulic A set of hammer units, two sets of 1/0.75/0.25 tons air hammer, two sets of 630-ton three-way hydraulic press units, two sets of 315-ton four-column hydraulic leveling units, more than 20 types of various types of driving, 10 sets of sawing machines, and more A heating furnace and other equipment, and equipped with electric heat tempering heat treatment, physical and chemical room, measuring room, flaw detection equipment. There are more than 20 senior and middle-level technicians in forging qualifications.

Jiangsu Zhuhong Forging: Professional Manufacturer of Forging Shaft and More