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Jenna Charity Smith can be a 24-yr-previous lab assistant who enjoys badminton, cookery and reading. She is Mild and type, but can even be really violent and also a bit disloyal. She's addicted to chocolate, a thing which her Pal Cathy Vera Bell identified when she was 16. The issue intensified in 2014. She's Ethiopian who defines herself as straight. She started off learning chemistry at faculty but in no way finished the class. Physically, Jenna is marginally overweight but usually in very good shape. She is brief with brown pores and skin, grey hair and brown eyes. She grew up in an upper course neighbourhood. Possessing by no means definitely acknowledged her mothers and fathers, she was lifted within a series of foster houses. She is presently in the romance with Piper Nicola Chicken. Piper is the same age as her and operates as a junior manager. Jenna's best friend is usually a lab assistant called Cathy Bell. They're inseparable. She also hangs about with Rylan Chandler and Colin Hopkins. They delight in competitive Canine grooming together.

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