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Jenna Charity Smith is usually a 24-12 months-aged lab assistant who enjoys badminton, cookery and reading through. She's Light and type, but can be really violent in addition to a bit disloyal. She is hooked on chocolate, a little something which her friend Cathy Vera Bell identified when she was sixteen. The situation intensified in 2014. She is Ethiopian who defines herself as straight. She begun researching chemistry at university but never ever concluded the course. Physically, Jenna is a little bit overweight but normally in excellent form. She is short with brown pores and skin, grey hair and brown eyes. She grew up within an higher course neighbourhood. Owning never truly regarded her moms and dads, she was raised in the number of foster residences. She is at present inside a connection with Piper Nicola Fowl. Piper is identical age as her and performs being a junior supervisor. Jenna's best friend can be a lab assistant termed Cathy Bell. They are really inseparable. She also hangs close to with Rylan Chandler and Colin Hopkins. They take pleasure in aggressive Puppy grooming together.

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