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Wenna is really a vivid refrain actor who suffers through the substantial phobia of buttons ~ A Biography ~ Wenna Sarah Willis can be quite a 20-yr-previous refrain actor who enjoys painting, planking and golfing. She's vibrant and creative, but can even be really unkind along with a little bit lazy. She's an Argentinian Muslim who defines herself as straight. She didn't close higher education. She includes a rigorous phobia of buttons, and it can be obsessive about zombies. Bodily, Wenna is in top-quality ailment. She is brief with chocolate pores and pores and skin, brown hair and brown eyes. She grew up inside of an better study course neighbourhood. She was elevated in a cheerful loved ones dwelling with two loving mom and father. She's in the intervening time inside of a romance with Ray Caleb Bishop. Ray is three decades more mature than her and will get the job done currently being a lab assistant. Wenna's best friend generally is a refrain actor termed Nettie Adam. They get on successfully most of the time. She also hangs throughout with Charley Like and Jerome Duffy. They appreciate duck herding alongside one another.

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