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cyprus property news nigel howarth, cyprus property finder rent, property for sale in danae gardens paphos Cyprus is an island paradise located in the Mediterranean Sea which draws on a rich patchwork of heritage, obtaining had the influence of a lot of cultures from the Middle East to Western Europe more than the final 9000 years. Cyprus' inclusion to the E.Union, coupled with the most favourable tax technique in the E.U. and the Russia-Cyprus double taxation treaty, has brought on Cyprus to attract an increasing influx of European and Russian interest, which has helped real estate investment in Cyprus. Have a excellent look at a map of Protaras, Cyprus is only a modest island so nowhere is extremely far to travel to even though it is on the eastern side of the Island and driving is such a pleasure, the scenery is wonderful and the air fresh. Locally created leather perform and pottery make sure that the vacationers never ever overlook their vacation on this sunny and friendly island.

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