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Seeing a wad of your hair fall out into the sink can be disheartening indeed. For a certainty, much of society has come to value a full head of hair as the crown of beauty on a woman. Why, even the appearance of a man is greatly enhanced by his hair. But as a woman advances in years, so does her hair. As a result when you combine the many factors affecting hair growth and loss we find that hair becomes thinner, more brittle, and gray as the years roll by. But despite all these adverse factors there is much that today's woman can do with her hair to preserve her youthful beauty much longer.

Now when it comes to hair problems, we have conditioners to soften hair and eliminate brittleness. We also have hair coloring products to reduce graying. But perhaps the most challenging and distressing hair problem is thinning and balding. Nevertheless, there are ways to overcome losing your hair and balding. But how?

Before we can know what to do to correct this condition, first we must figure out what can cause female hair loss. One way to diagnose it is to consult your physician. Here are some possible causes of woman's hair loss:

1) Menopause - Changes in hormone levels in the body can result in losing your hair during menopause.
2) Some type of skin disease affecting the scalp - Loss of hair resulting from this is usually temporary and subsides when the infection is corrected.
3) Nutrition and lack of exercise - Since the condition of your hair is often a reflection of your general health, understandably any nutritional deficiency, especially poor water intake could contribute to a woman's hair loss. Again this is usually only temporary while the deficiency exists.
4) Medical conditions - Some illnesses such as lupus and diabetes have been known to cause serious hair falling. Once treatment stabilizes the disease, the hair thinning is typically reversed.
5) Anxiety and stress - Significant loss of hair can be induced by prolonged stress or traumatic life changing experiences. Such things as the death of a loved one, financial reverses such as job loss may trigger loss of hair. The good news is that as the trauma passes, the hair loss reverses itself.
6) Genetic factors - From either your mother's or your father's side of the family, you can inherit a predisposition for balding. This condition is usually a permanent one. And it is called Androgenetic Alopecia.

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These are 6 of the more common examples of what can cause female hair loss or womans hair loss and your doctor can sometimes assist you in narrowing it down to root cause of the problem.

Two types of balding in women must be recognized. One is referred to as female pattern baldness in which hair falls out on the top of the head without affecting the back. The other is type, which is non-patterned baldness involves a more or less uniform loss of hair throughout the head which can lead to full baldness. So what options do you have with this type of hair loss?

You do have options

On the market there are a number of hair regrowth or hair restoration products specially formulated for women. I do not recommend that women use hair loss products intended for men as this can create a new set of problems. Hair Revital X Insist on a formulation for women.

Some of these products will not only stem the hair thinning but will also cause your own hair to grow back. Some women have opted to wear a wig as this provides an immediate relief while treatments take a little time to start working. Why, in fact some women without any hair loss even have a selection of wigs for fashion purposes. But there are other options in dealing with baldness.

Healthy hair growing at the back of the head can be transplanted to the balding areas. This surgical technique which is sometimes used for female pattern baldness is quite costly and the majority of health insurance programs will not provide coverage for this procedure. Is there a more cost effective and less painful way to stop balding and regrow your own hair? Indeed, there is.

A far less expensive but very effective way to stop woman's hair loss and regrow your own hair naturally is Provillus For Women. Provillus serves to block DHT, a by-product of the hormone, testosterone. DHT is the root cause of about 95% of all hair loss problems. Additionally, Provillus For Women provides needed scalp stimulation to revive damaged or even dead hair follicles so that they once again grow hair naturally. This product works in the early stages of hair loss or in the advanced stages. Below you'll find links to the site for more information on Provillus hair loss treatment.