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Adding Car DVR Camcorder To Get Your Driving Much Safer

With the development from the car industry, the driving security problem has been frequently brought to the limelight. For the drivers, they could want an assistant partner who can assist them to a good driving. That's why many motorists are now adding a motor vehicle DVR camcorder to their vehicles.

Quality () is a good affordable partner to your buying an automobile DVR. Have a good car DVR positioned in your vehicle, countless uses for flash to obtain the full information of one's driving. After analysis, the car camcorder system can manage your driving effectively and increase the driving security simultaneously. Moreover, it will also help a good deal in decreasing traffic accidents. As a professional car electronics online seller, Qualir is pleased to share several hot selling car camcorder DVRs with reasonable price and durable stable excellent:

GS1000 car DVR with GPS logger. This car camcorder is a common HD camcorder and also a professional driving recorder. With the ultra-small body and portable installation design, it really is convenient for mount and uses on different occasions. Adopts 1920X1080P FULL HD resolution and advanced H.264 video compression technology, this car DVR can record high-resolution image and videos and store them in TF card. You can view recorded videos at any time via its 1.5" TFT LCD screen. The 120 wide-angle lens facilitates it to record videos inside a much wider range. Moreover, it has the GPS logger supporting google map, which can record the driving speed and driving track. AV/HDMI output, you can use for charging and connecting to PC to simply upload the video towards the website. Also, it may capture clear video even in the evening because IR night vision function.

GS5000 car camcorder DVR. GS5000 can be a new 1080P car DVR with GSP and AV/HDMI outputs. This item is extremely just like model GS1000, and the've the same functions. Search the net, you will see that so many people are discussing these items. Overall, the greatest difference between both of these items will be the appearance design. Plus, GS5000 posseses an extra aluminum shell compared to GS1000. Even though the expense of this car vehicle is a little higher, many motorists still prefer to go for it.



Except for car DVR, there are a great deal of DVR systems for outdoor activities, like AT-10 New Sports Outdoor Waterproof HD Record Camera. This new sports camcorder has 120 super wide-angle lens, 5 Million pixels CMOS sensor, 720P high-resolution support, and waterproof function. It can be applied in swimming, BMX, Motocross, Skiing, ATV, Skydiving, Snowboarding, Rock-climbing, Paintball, along with other outdoor activities. With this small gadget, people can record the full wonderful technique of their trips or matches. Also, it supports TV monitoring, SDHC card around 32G and HDMI output. Of course, quite a few like a PC camera.

To get your driving much safer, it's time for you to consider adding a car dash camera DVR to your automobile!

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