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British Muslim who defines himself as straight. He failed to end school. He's obsessed with more than-knee socks. Bodily, Graham is not in fantastic form. He needs to eliminate quite a lot of body weight. He is short with brown skin, brown hair and black eyes. He grew up in a Center course neighbourhood. He was elevated by his mom, his father getting left when he was youthful. He is now single. His most recent romance was by using a lab assistant called Charity Dillan Bevan, who was exactly the same age as him. They broke up because Charity felt Graham behaved inapporopriately on a variety of instances. Graham's best friend is actually a cleaner at a studio termed Gilbert Browne. They get on very well more often than not. He also hangs about with Valen Knowles and Tracy Robinson. They appreciate thieving candy from toddlers with each other.

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