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Taser C2 And Holster With Built-In MP3 Player – Jogging, Music And Safety Combined

por Lance Jenkins (2019-05-14)

In todays world, we sure do like our gadgets that allow us to multitask. Take the Blackberry or the I-Phone for example. The user can take pictures, make phone calls, send text messages and cruise the internet! Joggers like to hear music while jogging. Most joggers wear some sort of music device attached to their ears such as an MP3 Player.

I would imagine that most joggers carry some sort of protection with them such as Pepper Spray in case they are attacked by robbers or dogs while jogging.

Looks like Taser International, Inc. has their safety in mind. And, joggers will not have to carry two devices.

Taser has recently designed an MPH (Music Player Holster which slips on your belt) and contains a built in One-gigabyte MP3 player which can store about 500 songs.  The MPH is designed to hold the Taser C2. Additionally, Taser International has created more vibrant colors to add to their line of C2s. The new colors are Fashion Pink, Leopard, and Red Hot. The other colors of the C2s are Titanium Silver, Metallic Pink, Electric Blue and Black Pearl.

Each taser device comes with a laser (there is a black taser that comes without a laser) to guide your aim. It delivers a jolt of electricity up to 50,000 volts and up to 15 feet away. This allows for a safe distance away from the attacker. The taser stuns the attacker which causes an uncontrollable contraction in the muscle tissue. The attacker then becomes immobilized and falls to the ground. The taser also works as a contact stunning device.

According to various sources, to further get the word out about the MPH MP3 Player which sells for $72.99 and the Taser C2 device, which sells for between $299.99 and $379.99 depending on the color and laser option, Taser International Inc., will begin advertising on various TV networks coming this spring.

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