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Again, I meant no disrespect originally but now your doubling down and I calling BS. I asked a genuine question as someone who sits very close to the middle of the spectrum. I am not a marxist and I literally have no idea how you jumped to that conclusion and even got 10 upvotes lmao.

I was thinking people from the road will not be able to see it. It was pointed out to me that the idea was the owners wanted the view and sunshine coming from that orientation, the purpose of the windows were for people living there to be able to take in the view. The lesson has stayed with me until this day.

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Get an ad free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Let's have some fun putting words in Donald Trumps mouth. Everyday all around the world things are happening either totally unique, majorly historically, or incredibly mundane minutiae of life.

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I really surprised there this sudden resurgence of support for him on Reddit. I loved Al Franken in 2017 he was my choice for the 2020 Democratic nominee. I spent a couple years saying that I didn necessarily believe that his resignation was ultimately the result best site to buy nfl jerseys of a hit job, but that what a hit job would look like.
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