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Act 2: Rey and Luke get tipped off and learn that the wayfinder is on Endor. Kylo tracks them and they duel on the Death Star wreckage much like in the film and Kylo ends up gravely injuring Luke and Rey acts out in anger, killing him. Luke's final act is to revive Ben and tell him to follow his guidance and save Rey from certain death at the hand of the emperor.

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Take an honest assessment of your faults and learn to recognize when they are causing you harm. Assess your advantages and keep them at the forefront of your mind and use them wherever can. Overtime you'll become a better version of yourself.. I know a lot of football fans. No one I know outside of my fantasy league pays for RedZone. No one in my extended family.

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If Hunter did commit a crime, which there is no evidence of at all, it doesn make Trump innocent. So unless you think we should just ignore laws and let politicians ALL commit crimes, his actions have zero bearing on Trumps crimes.Joe Biden is the leading Democratic candidate, and therefore just like Trump can be seen as breaking the lawSure if there is evidence. To the extent of my knowledge there isn Also Hunter Biden is not Joe Biden.I am not a die hard Trump supporter.

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